La Noche Blanca #3 – December 07, 2013 | Merida, Yucatan Mexico

Participating in the 2nd Annual La Noche Blanca (White Night) the celebrations and the promotions by the City of Merida created a festival that brought close to 60,000 people from the city to take Trolly rides to more than 20 gallery venues all with live music, entertainment, food, wine and a lot of great art.

Here is the promotional video put out from the 1st La Noche Blanca in beefing up more attendance for this, the 2nd Annual event – bear in mind it is in Spanish 🙂

Photos from the successful event are below.


With 5 artists displaying works of varying degrees, everyone had a fantastic night and sold a lot of art!!  Thanks to everyone who attended, contributed and just had a really fantastic time!

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